Professional Cooking Classes

Get a Grip On The Traditions Of Food Through Our Professional Cooking Classes

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a fresh graduate looking to make a worthy career, our full time and part time cooking classes are going to help you achieve your goals. Our cooking classes are not only for the people who hold immense amount of love for the food but also for people looking to become professional chefs and work in the culinary industry. We are delivering the best that is available in the market. From cooking equipment to ingredients, we offer cooking courses that will make you feel like you are working in a commercial kitchen.

Pick cooking courses of your choice

We greatly value your interests and that’s why we didn’t limit our cooking classes to one subject only. If you are interested in becoming a chef, we have a completely dedicated cooking course for that and so on.

  • Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment
  • Step ahead from the usual chef routine and become a professional chef on board with our ship’s cook certificate assessment where you learn all the basic and master level skills of cooking while traveling to exotic places.

  • Food Safety Level 2 Award
  • Where there is food, there is hygiene. Both the things go hand in hand to make a healthy perfect meal. If your job requires you to be in contact with food, you need to undergo our food safety courses in order to be qualified to handle food safely.

  • Professional Culinary Diploma
  • There is a huge demand for professional chefs in the UK if you look at the current times. People are inclined towards healthy and delicious eating through which our professional culinary diploma is originated. Become a professional chef and earn tons of money each year.

Looking for a rewarding career after professional cooking classes?

We are providing professional cooking classes keeping the core value of you being able to become a professional in mind. Our experienced course designers have developed the cooking classes keeping the commercial requirements of the culinary industry in mind.

Chef jobs and other positions in the culinary industry pay up to £30,000 per annum

The initial positions for starters pay up to £30,000 per annum which increases later with experience and time spent in the industry. You can also grow in this field and become a business person through minimum investment in food joints and restaurants.