Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

UK’s Leading Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

We start off by teaching you the basics of the human body and how to assess and analyse your client so you can make a better action plan for their fitness training routine. Our personal fitness trainer courses are popular among men and woman of all ages. It is merely a myth that you need to be in your prime age to become a professional fitness instructor. We have had people ranging from 18 till 50s in our personal fitness trainer courses. So it’s never too late. If you have the passion then we have a slot empty waiting for you.

Fitness trainer courses to pursue

Learn how to assess your clients, how to make a game plan for them, how to teach them various exercise techniques, how to prepare meal plans for clients and much more with our personal fitness instructor courses.

  1. Metabolic conditioning training workshop course
  2. Gain the knowledge of nutrition and gym instructions in our metabolic conditioning course and increase your exposure in the fitness industry.

  3. Personal fitness trainer instructor course
  4. All of our students were thrilled to enrol in our personal fitness trainer instructor course because it is not only extensive in nature but extremely helpful for growth in the same industry.

  5. Gym based boxing workshop
  6. Your coaching skills need a head start for them to become professional. Our gym based boxing workshop suits everyone who loves sports.

  7. Studio cycling workshop
  8. Pursue the most popular method of staying in shape in the UK through our studio cycling workshop and gain double the amount of clients.

  9. Exercise to music instructor course
  10. Whether it’s zumba, aerobics or dancing classes, our exercise to music instructor course will train you how to conduct fitness classes to make a huge difference in the health of your clients and the success of the industry.

  11. Level 3 personal training diploma
  12. Your job as a personal fitness instructor might require you to gain some extra skills to enhance your performance. Our level 3 personal training diploma is suitable for such people who are looking to enhance their skill set and career prospects.

Job placement and career options

Once you get done with our personal fitness trainer courses, you might ask, what now? We are here to guide you through the entire process of finding suitable personal fitness trainer jobs in London and all other cities around the UK. You can easily make up to £30,000 per annum in starting.