HGV/LGV and PCV Bus Driver Training Courses

High Quality and Extensive HGV Training & PCV Bus Driver Training

We and our entire team are committed to help you get your industrial license that you require. Our HGV training and PCV bus driver training is recognized all across the country and is extremely high quality. Enter the exhilarating world of professionalism through our training environment and techniques. We have instructors who are industry experts and who you can rely on when it comes to detailed HGV driver training or PCV bus driver training. Commercial vehicles can be driven by only authorised personnel in the UK.

Industries vehicle courses that we offer

Whether it’s a trailer that you want to tow or a horsebox, we are offering training ranging from mini vans to buses. We assure you will clear your driving test in the first ever attempt.

HGV Driver Training

Our HGV training equips you with the practical and theoretical knowledge that you need to enter the professional world. The transportation industry is quite rewarding and once you enter there is a lot of potential for growth. An extensive HGV training can get you on a higher position than anyone else. We are offering:

  • CAT C license training
  • CAT C+E license training
  • CAT C1 license training
  • CAT C1+E license training

PCV Bus Driver Training

Looking to drive a bus, mini bus or a coach? Our PCV bus driver training covers everything. Even when you want to tow a trailer with your bus, we have an option for that. We believe in hands on practice when it comes to driving a passenger carrying vehicle. We value your safety and the safety of others hence the extensive and detailed PCV bus driver training.

  • Train with professionals
  • Clear your CAT D license driver test in the first attempt

Forklift Training

Industrial machinery needs professional skilled people who can handle them with care. We have been training operators through our forklift training since years which has made us extremely good at what we do.

  • Learn about different types of forklift
  • Excel at counterbalance forklift training

Ready to enrol but short on funds?

We don’t want any hiccups on your way to success. We are offering a 0% interest rate funding option on our HGV training and PCV bus driver training so you can train now and pay once you are done with it. Your success is our priority.

Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

UK’s Leading Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

We start off by teaching you the basics of the human body and how to assess and analyse your client so you can make a better action plan for their fitness training routine. Our personal fitness trainer courses are popular among men and woman of all ages. It is merely a myth that you need to be in your prime age to become a professional fitness instructor. We have had people ranging from 18 till 50s in our personal fitness trainer courses. So it’s never too late. If you have the passion then we have a slot empty waiting for you.

Fitness trainer courses to pursue

Learn how to assess your clients, how to make a game plan for them, how to teach them various exercise techniques, how to prepare meal plans for clients and much more with our personal fitness instructor courses.

  1. Metabolic conditioning training workshop course
  2. Gain the knowledge of nutrition and gym instructions in our metabolic conditioning course and increase your exposure in the fitness industry.

  3. Personal fitness trainer instructor course
  4. All of our students were thrilled to enrol in our personal fitness trainer instructor course because it is not only extensive in nature but extremely helpful for growth in the same industry.

  5. Gym based boxing workshop
  6. Your coaching skills need a head start for them to become professional. Our gym based boxing workshop suits everyone who loves sports.

  7. Studio cycling workshop
  8. Pursue the most popular method of staying in shape in the UK through our studio cycling workshop and gain double the amount of clients.

  9. Exercise to music instructor course
  10. Whether it’s zumba, aerobics or dancing classes, our exercise to music instructor course will train you how to conduct fitness classes to make a huge difference in the health of your clients and the success of the industry.

  11. Level 3 personal training diploma
  12. Your job as a personal fitness instructor might require you to gain some extra skills to enhance your performance. Our level 3 personal training diploma is suitable for such people who are looking to enhance their skill set and career prospects.

Job placement and career options

Once you get done with our personal fitness trainer courses, you might ask, what now? We are here to guide you through the entire process of finding suitable personal fitness trainer jobs in London and all other cities around the UK. You can easily make up to £30,000 per annum in starting.

Professional Cooking Classes

Get a Grip On The Traditions Of Food Through Our Professional Cooking Classes

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a fresh graduate looking to make a worthy career, our full time and part time cooking classes are going to help you achieve your goals. Our cooking classes are not only for the people who hold immense amount of love for the food but also for people looking to become professional chefs and work in the culinary industry. We are delivering the best that is available in the market. From cooking equipment to ingredients, we offer cooking courses that will make you feel like you are working in a commercial kitchen.

Pick cooking courses of your choice

We greatly value your interests and that’s why we didn’t limit our cooking classes to one subject only. If you are interested in becoming a chef, we have a completely dedicated cooking course for that and so on.

  • Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment
  • Step ahead from the usual chef routine and become a professional chef on board with our ship’s cook certificate assessment where you learn all the basic and master level skills of cooking while traveling to exotic places.

  • Food Safety Level 2 Award
  • Where there is food, there is hygiene. Both the things go hand in hand to make a healthy perfect meal. If your job requires you to be in contact with food, you need to undergo our food safety courses in order to be qualified to handle food safely.

  • Professional Culinary Diploma
  • There is a huge demand for professional chefs in the UK if you look at the current times. People are inclined towards healthy and delicious eating through which our professional culinary diploma is originated. Become a professional chef and earn tons of money each year.

Looking for a rewarding career after professional cooking classes?

We are providing professional cooking classes keeping the core value of you being able to become a professional in mind. Our experienced course designers have developed the cooking classes keeping the commercial requirements of the culinary industry in mind.

Chef jobs and other positions in the culinary industry pay up to £30,000 per annum

The initial positions for starters pay up to £30,000 per annum which increases later with experience and time spent in the industry. You can also grow in this field and become a business person through minimum investment in food joints and restaurants.

IT & Computer Courses

Discover Your True Potential through Our Accredited Computer Courses

We have computer courses spanning 3 major study and research areas. These 3 major areas of study are a foundation that builds up your skill and confidence to take your computer knowledge further through our professional computer courses. All the IT courses available are accredited and recognized not locally but throughout the world. We hold a great respect for our students because they keep us going and put their entire trust in our teaching methods. Our campus is considered one of the best study and training destinations in the entire country for computer courses.

How to choose from our computer courses

We are constantly striving to provide you with the guidance you need to have a beneficial career that will reward you and your family. Choosing the best out of the major 3 computer courses that we are offering can be a difficult decision. Follow the course descriptions below for more information.

  • Software Development Courses

We are a learning platform that anyone can easily trust because we have withheld our reputation in providing high quality training since years. Our software development courses are great for people who are problem solvers and want to become a software engineer with their creativity and extra ordinary thinking.

  • Network Administrator Course

We want to ultimately encourage you to bring your best existing skills forward so we can polish them and turn them into a skill that businesses around the country require and are willing to pay for. Go for our network administrator course if you are interested in managing the software and hardware of the machines.

  • Web Development Courses

It is the time to expand your horizon and look further towards our web development courses because they are the most popular among new graduates these days. We can build the potential in you to become a designer and a developer and master the art of various computer languages.

Get Funded

We are here to help with your funds if you are low on them. Our 0% interest rate funding option lets you train without paying and pay once you are done with no interest at all.

Industry and job insight

All of our above computer courses can land you a job that you will not only love but also grow while being into it. The IT industry pays up to £30,000 per annum for starting positions which increases with experience and skill.

Digital Photography Courses

Go Digital with Our Professional Digital Photography Courses

From group digital photography courses to one-on-one individual training, we are offering something that goes along with your pace. Take this as an opportunity to pursue your hobby and improve your photography skills to a level where you will become a master at it. It’s a shame that you are unable to capture the true beauty that your eye sees due to the lack of knowledge about your camera settings, light or proper composition. This is what our digital photography courses are all about, to equip you up with strong photographs that will distinguish you from all the other professional photographers.

How we train

We are constantly striving for excellence. Our training methods in digital photography courses are bound to bring you up to the top. We are offering beginners, intermediate and expert level photography classes that are going to suit your needs the best.

About camera equipment

The first and the foremost thing is that we give you ample knowledge about the camera equipment that you own. We encourage all kinds of digital cameras and train you to work best with them through our digital photography courses. If you don’t own a camera and require assistance and guidance in getting a suitable one, we are happy to help. We will provide you the knowledge about various lenses, flashes, lights, remotes, tripods and much more through our digital photography courses.

Various types of photography

It isn’t always necessary that you get inclined towards one kind of photography. Someone who is interested in portrait photography can also be interested in wedding photography etc. our instructors figure out your interests and train you according to that type of photography. Whether its landscape photography or street photography, once you certify from our digital photography courses, you will be the best professional in the area.

Career coaching

We will not just leave you confused about what to do next after you are done with our digital photography courses. Our instructors will guide you through major aspects of finding rewarding photography jobs or establishing your own photography business. Unlike old times, there is a great potential for professional photographers in the modern world. You can easily earn up to £30,000 per annum with your job and if you want to become a freelance photographer, you can make even more depending upon the gigs that you score online or offline.